Old Red


              (Includes set-up and delivery within 20 mile radius)

This four tap hand-made bar is our very first creation of our mobile line-up.  Made from milled red oak from Maryland, this bar was no easy task to build.   All boards were custom cut at a local saw-mill and were left to air dry for over 2 years.  The boards were then planed to thickness, jointed and squared up on a table saw before we could even start to piece it together to make it what it is today!

This 2 piece bar allows various potential set-ups.  The base serves as a concealment space to hide the kegs/beverages from sight.  The top portion is also detachable, giving our clients the ability to customize the set-up however they would like.  Place it on a table, pre-existing bar or anywhere you can imagine and have a professional mobile tap system in place in a matter of minutes!

No power is required to run this bar which means it can literally be set up anywhere!   With a complete professional grade draft system, this bar can handle up to four of your favorite beverages at the same time!  Consisting of 2- 120ft jockey box coils and 2 other taps, this bar was created to be able to handle multiple drinks.  Equipped with both CO2 and Nitrogen, we can pour anything from beer to nitro coffee.