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Tip Top Tap Truck & Mobile Tap Bars is the latest business venture of local entrepreneur- Michael Stump. Being a local small business owner in the Northern VA area since 2012, Michael wanted to expand his offerings for the event/wedding rental industry.  


 His first creation in 2012 was the idea to create a unique photo booth experience that was different compared to the 'traditional' style booths which seemed to be saturating the market.

After becoming one of the areas leaders in the industry and establishing successful relationships with many local venues, vendors and organizations,  he wanted to expand on what he offered. 

In late 2013, he launched his slow motion booth which creates a true one-of-a-kind slow motion film by recording clips in 240 frames per second which is then edited and produced to a complete custom tailored video.   You can think of this as a super cool video booth as everything looks awesome in slow motion. 

In mid 2018, he was asked to build a custom champagne dress for one of his top clients/venues for a special event they were having.  To the drawing board he went and a few months later he launched the traveling champagne/wine dress!

That brings us to the idea of the mobile tap truck/mobile tap bars in 2019.  After realizing the lack of presence of beverages available in draft/tap form at special events/weddings, he knew he could solve this issue by providing an efficient means of distribution while providing an eye appealing means of delivering whatever drink it was you wanted in your cup!   He hand built this custom creation which allows a unique and efficient solution for a means of dispensing tasty drinks; all while helping support local breweries, wineries, distilleries, etc.   Proud to be Loudoun County's first mobile tap truck/mobile tap bar service!

Aldie, VA 20105

© 2012  by Stump Enterprises

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