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How do I rent the truck or mobile bar?

​To rent our truck and/or one of our mobile bars all you need to do is simply fill out a request from the “contact us” page with info on event type, location and duration of rental. Make sure to include all your contact information with the best way to reach you (phone or email) and time, and we will contact you to discuss availability and next steps


Do you charge extra for delivery, set up, or breakdown of your truck and/or bars?

Set up and break-down are never extra.  In terms of delivery, we will travel up to 20 miles each direction from Aldie, VA.  For distances outside of that radius, we charge $2.50 per mile.  


What sort of events use your services?

We service just about any event.  From weddings, birthdays, graduations, community events, holiday parties, festivals,  & more.


Do you include a bartender?

You are not required to use our bartenders, but we highly encourage it since we are familiar with the tap systems.  We are happy to work with your caterer of choice if they provide bar staff.  However, please note you are responsible for set-up, clean-up and any damage so make sure you are comfortable with your caterer and their staff.


Do I need to tip?

Tipping is customary for bar service at an event.  Our bartenders work for tips so we typically place a tip jar out at events.  If you think we did a great job and want to tip the bartenders more, feel free to do so at the end of the event.  


Does Tip Top Tap Truck require a deposit?  

 Yes we do require a deposit to rent our truck and/or mobile bars.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is what it takes to ensure that the truck and/or bar will be at your event.


How much space is required to accommodate your truck?  

We recommend about a 10ft x 18ft space for the truck.  This requirement might be a little bigger if you choose to have a service bar added in addition.  


Do you all require electricity?

Yes, we require access to at least 1 dedicated 15 AMP outlet for our truck.   Our mobile bars are a little different and some do not need access to power at all.  However, do not worry if there is no access to power at your event...we can provide a quiet generator for a small fee.   


Can the truck/bars be customized?

Yes, the options are limitless!  From custom tap handles to full vinyl wraps, you can customize/brand our truck/bars however you would like.  Contact us for details! 


Do you provide the alcohol?

No.  Due to state laws we cannot provide the alcohol.  You, your caterer or venue must supply the alcohol but we will handle everything else!


How far in advance do I need to book?

This is a tough question.  Some dates are booked 2 years in advance and some are booked a week before.  We recommend the sooner the better; that way you can guarantee your date is locked in.    


Is beer all you are able to pour from tap?

Heck no!  Beer, wine, cider, prosecco, nitro coffee & mixed cocktails are all possibilities! 


Why should I tap beverages?

Everything tastes better on tap!  Our professional grade tap system allows you to eliminate waste while improving drink pour quality.   As a result, it saves you money.  In addition, the environmental impact is HUGE!  Eliminate cans, bottles, packaging, labels, etc. to significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint compared to beverages poured from bottles.  We now allow you the possibility to bring your favorite local craft beer/wine to your event without worrying about hand pumping beverages from kegs and waiting in long lines!

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